NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT Employees to “Step it Up” for the GCC 100 Day Journey


The Global Corporate Challenge 100 Day Journey, also known as the walking/stepping challenge, launched in late May and will see employees of NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT (“NorthWest”) join 57,000 other teams from 1,500 of the world’s largest employers in taking a virtual travel journey around the world.

With 70 employees forming 10 teams competing with each other and other corporations all over the globe, NorthWest is taking it all in stride and is collectively aiming to take a minimum of 70,000 steps a day.

The benefits of participating in such a challenge include increasing team spirit within the company and boosting the overall health and performance of our employees. By participating, funds are also raised which are directed through the Global Corporate Challenge to UNICEF.

The GCC 100 Day Journey runs from Thursday, May 28 to Thursday, September 4, 2014.