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Barrie Primary Care Campus

Developed in cooperation with its lead tenant, the Barrie & Community Family Health Team, the Barrie Primary Care Campus is a 7,340 square metres/79,000 square foot multi-tenant medical office building designed with wellness in mind.

Acting as the clinical and administrative hub for the area’s primary healthcare organization, representing almost all of the city’s primary healthcare providers, the building incorporates features that promote healthy living for employees, patients, and visitors:


  • Modern interior and exterior finishes representative of the area’s natural beauty
  • Spacious, light-filled main lobby complete with electronic directory board, large monitor available for displaying community-based messaging, and a fireplace to provide a more family-friendly ambiance
  • Universally accessible washroom
  • Feature staircase open to the main lobby to encourage taking the stairs over the elevator
  • Wide corridors, with walls painted in soothing colours in support of mental health and wellbeing
  • Lobby furniture that meets accessibility requirements and provides common area meeting space
  • Accessible walking path around the outside of the building available to all, especially staff at the building, to encourage outside physical fitness during daily breaks